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Mastercard has teamed up with Conservation International to help wildlife and nature thrive together.

In the last 50 years, wildlife populations have declined by more than 60 percent.¹ The threats facing wildlife are urgent: poachers, destruction of forests and oceans, and a rapidly changing climate.

Protecting Wildlife

One of the leading causes of wildlife decline is the destruction of habitat.² Protecting wildlife means stopping harmful practices at their root — and creating a new model of development built on conservation with wildlife in mind. To that end, our global partner Conservation International is working to create self-sustaining, scalable conservation models across the world’s most critical landscapes and seascapes so that people and wildlife can thrive together.

Mastercard is supporting Conservation International in protecting and restoring wildlife habitat around the world, including a priority 40M hectares of landscapes and 4.5M SQ/KM of seascapes.

Your contribution will support habitat protection, community-led wildlife conservation, cutting-edge science, and action to address wildlife trafficking. 

With your support we can help protect and restore the most valuable places that people and wildlife need to thrive including tropical forests, mangroves, coral reefs, upwelling areas important for fisheries, and grasslands. 

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