When do my donations appear in the dashboard?

Your monthly donation will appear in the dashboard immediately once processed.

When will my charity receive my donations?

We facilitate transfers immediately for one-time and recurring donations. Each charity may have a schedule set up to aggregate their payouts but this is to simplify their administrative and accounting operations.

What are the benefits of registering?

By registering, you can support multiple charities or make multiple donations to a single charity using the same registered payment method. We will make you aware of additional benefits in the future.

Why can't I sign in?

If you can't sign in because you have forgotten your password, please try the "Forgot password?" link at give.mastercard.com/login. If you still have issues signing in, contact the Support Team at 800.926.4551.

How can I change my recurring donation amount?

To change your recurring donation amount, navigate to the top right corner of your device click Sign In. If you're signed in already you should click the profile icon and open 'Settings'. From there, you will see a section call Donation Settings. Any changes you make will take effect the next recurring donation.

How can I stop my donations?

To stop your donations, navigate to the 'Settings' link at the top of the screen and use the button marked "Stop Future Donations" to stop your donations. If you choose to stop your donations, they will be stopped for the entire month and will only resume when you decide to start donating again.

How can I verify the amount donated?

The "My Donations" link displays your personal dashboard page. The Dashboard displays your donation history, including the total amount donated, the total donated last month, and the total number of donations to date.

What if the charity I chose to support cannot accept my donation?

In special cases where the charity is no longer a recognized 501(c)(3) organization or cannot accept your donation for other extraordinary reasons such as if the charity suddenly shuts down its operations, your donation will be managed by Goodworld, Inc., a charitable giving platform, with an EIN 47-2152236. Goodworld makes every reasonable effort to honor the intention of the donors of the Mastercard donation service. So, in the rare event that the charity you have selected is unable to accept your donation(s), Goodworld will notify you via electronic communication to the email address used to make your donation(s) to inquire if you prefer a refund or that your donation(s) are delivered to a different available charity on the Mastercard donation service. If there is no response from you within 10 business days, Mastercard will issue a refund in full to the card used in the donation transaction.

How are the charities vetted to receive donations?

Mastercard utilizes the services of Goodworld to help it vet the charities available on this platform. Goodworld uses data from 3 different data sources to verify the good standing of all beneficiary organizations listed on the Mastercard donation service. Those sources include:

1. IRS Exempt Organizations Business Master File Extract (EO BMF): a list of organizations recognized as exempt by the IRS;

2. IRS Publication 78: Exempt Organizations Select Check Database; and

3. Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), in compliance with the USA PATRIOT Act.

Although Goodworld makes a good faith effort to verify each organization listed on the Mastercard donation service is eligible to receive tax-deductible contributions, there is no 100% guarantee, whether explicit or implied, about the exempt status of any organization listed on the Mastercard donation service. The verification of an organization’s eligibility to receive tax-deductible contributions and the determination of the extent to which your contribution(s) is deductible is your responsibility.. We recommend that donors consult an attorney, accountant, and/or financial advisor before making any donation to determine the tax deductibility of your donation.

Mastercard and Goodworld do not take responsibility for determining how your donation will be used by the charity. You are fully responsible for understanding such information prior to making a donation using the Mastercard donation service. Mastercard and Goodworld are not obligated to verify the accuracy of any information provided or posted by the charity, and assume no responsibility to verify if your donation will be used in accordance with any fundraising purpose, or if any funds raised are used in accordance with any applicable laws.


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