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Your donation will be made to GAVI's Vaccine Alliance Friends Fund, a restricted fund sponsored by CAF America, a 501(c)3 public charity.

You acknowledge and agree that matching donations made by Mastercard International Incorporated or the Mastercard Impact Fund, as applicable, may be made to CAF, or to GAVI, the Vaccine Alliance, directly.

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As a global community, we can step up to make sure vaccines are accessible for all so we can end the pandemic for everyone, everywhere.

Developing a vaccine against COVID-19 is the most pressing challenge of our time - and nobody wins the race until everyone wins.

The global pandemic has caused the loss of hundreds of thousands of lives and disrupted the lives of billions more. As well as reducing the tragic loss of life and helping to get the pandemic under control, introduction of a vaccine will prevent the loss of US $375 billion to the global economy every month. Global equitable access to a vaccine, particularly protecting healthcare workers and those most-at-risk is the only way to mitigate the public health and economic impact of the pandemic.

Together, we can

While many countries have been rolling out COVID-19 vaccines, the pandemic is far from over. More than 1 billion doses have been administered, but low-income nations continue to lag behind due to inequitable access to vaccines and a surge in daily coronavirus cases.
The world must work together to end the pandemic and recover better together for a more equal future. If we are united, we can emerge from this crisis stronger and get back on track to ending extreme poverty and achieving the UN Global Goals.

*Amount mobilized represents consumer donations and matching donations (matching period now ended), on both pages ( and and is updated a few times a day.


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