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Through the power of international high school youth exchange, Youth For Understanding (YFU) provides students the opportunity to learn about other cultures, increase their understanding of the world, and in the process, change lives and promote world peace. For nearly 70 years and with more than 270,000 students worldwide supported by host families, volunteers, schools, and communities, millions of YFU participants have shared a vision for generations of empowered global citizens for a more peaceful and sustainable world. A world that is 1) united by the belief that cultural immersion is the most effective way to gain the skills needed to thrive in an increasingly multicultural, interconnected and competitive global society, and 2) free of harmful stereotypes and where violent acts of hate no longer exist.

YFU, like many other organizations, is significantly impacted by the novel coronavirus. In March, all YFU programs were terminated. Repatriation of students continues, and YFU is doing everything in its power to ensure that future opportunities for life changing, transformational exchange, which are critical to combat xenophobia, racism, and bigotry, remain viable.

The entire global community, of which each of us is a part, has been impacted by the COVID-19 virus. Pandemics bring out both the best and the worst of society. Panic and fear often give rise to xenophobia and racism, which YFU programs seek to combat. Organizations like YFU are looked upon to foster, rebuild, and strengthen our global bonds. Your support will provide hope that YFU will remain an organization that continues to reinforce the need to see the humanity in others, regardless of national borders.

Donations will ensure YFU’s continued role in contributing to the education of future scientists, government leaders, first responders, teachers, doctors, community organizers, and other policy makers – those who we depend on to have an understanding and respect for other cultures, necessary to help the global community weather any crisis. Donations will ensure that thousands of students worldwide, whose dreams of exchange are nearly here, will come true!

It is not the COVID-19 crisis that we face, but how we respond to it which will determine the future we leave for generations to come. Share in our hope for the future. Donate to YFU today.


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