What is Mastercard Donate?

Mastercard Donate is a flexible donation service hosted by Mastercard that provides a way for you to make safe and secure donations to the charity of your choice.

What is the Dedicate a Tree option?

You can dedicate your donation in honor of a friend or family member (“Recipient”). If you choose this option, Mastercard Donate will send an email to the Recipient on your behalf at the email address you provide for the Recipient. If you do not wish to use the Dedication option, you can simply skip that step and proceed with your donation. Dedication of a tree is honorary and does not confer rights to any specific tree.

What is the matching offer?

It’s simple, when you use your Mastercard when making your donation through this service, Mastercard will match your donation tree for tree, dollar for dollar until May 15th, 2021 up to an aggregate total of US$200,000.

If I don’t have a Mastercard, can I still donate?

Yes, in general, you can use all Mastercard, Visa, Diners, Discover, and JCB cards to make a one-time donation.

Can I donate without registering?

Yes. You can make a one-time donation without registering for an account on the Site. After you’ve chosen the charity and your donation amount, you’ll be asked to enter your email and payment card details. Choose ‘Continue’ and ‘Donate Now’ to complete the donation.

Will any fees be taken out of my donation? Will the charity receive my full donation?

You will not be charged additional fees, however, from your donation amount deductions will be made for standard card processing fees.

When will my donation be processed?

The charity will charge your card immediately.

Is my donation tax deductible?

If you are a resident of the U.S., donations to 501(c)(3) organizations are generally tax deductible, but please check with a tax professional to be sure. You will receive an email from Conservation International (EIN 52-1497470) within two months of your donation with a tax certificate. That email will serve as your donation receipt and confirms that no goods or services were received. Mastercard does not provide receipts.

Is Conservation International vetted to receive donations?

Charities on this platform have been recognized by the IRS as 501(c)(3) charitable organizations. All charities are vetted in order to be part of Mastercard Donate. Vetting of charities is undertaken by a charity’s acquiring bank and by Mastercard. Mastercard is not serving as a professional fundraiser on behalf of any charity and Mastercard does not charge charities to be listed on this platform. Mastercard is serving as the donation platform provider solely to help facilitate any donation.

What if Conservation International cannot accept my donation?

In special cases where the charity is no longer a recognized 501(c)(3) organization or cannot accept your donation for other extraordinary reasons such as if the charity suddenly shuts down its operation, Mastercard will refund in full to the card used in the donation transaction.

How will this donation appear on my bank statement?

Conservation International will appear as the merchant of record showing the amount of your donation on your cardholder statement.

What is the security code and where can I find it?

The card security code (CSC) is usually a three- or four-digit number, which is not part of the credit card number. On Visa and Mastercard credit cards, the security code is the three digit value printed on the signature panel on the back. For American Express cards, the number is the four-digit value printed on the front above the credit card account number.

How will my personal information be used and shared?

Your personal information will be processed by Mastercard and will be shared with selected charities and other third parties in connection with this service, as described in the Privacy Notice.

How can I get support associated with my donation?

You may contact our support team at: 844-475-8335.


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