COVID-19: Take action with Mercy Corps

Your gift today to Mercy Corps’ COVID-19 Resilience Fund can help provide emergency supplies and urgently needed support to vulnerable families and communities during this crisis and beyond.

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People fleeing conflict, living in poverty or without access to healthcare face even greater risk from the COVID-19 pandemic. Mercy Corps is working to help the world’s most vulnerable people protect against COVID-19, meet immediate needs and prepare for the devastating economic impact that will push people further into crisis.

Mercy Corps teams are already on the ground where help is most needed. They work in more than 40 countries to help people and communities prepare for, protect against and recover from crisis. Last year, Mercy Corps reached more than 28 million people around the world with lifesaving and life-changing assistance. Donations to the COVID-19 Resilience Fund will be used where most needed to support Mercy Corps’ work providing assistance to communities facing crisis, including vulnerable people affected by COVID-19.


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